Fine (in Form of Extra Recovery fee) From Telecommunications Company Was Not Okay

The Telecommunications Appeals Board has just settled a dispute in which a complainant had collected several subscriptions in one family subscription.

As complainants had not paid the bill on time (happened a couple times), the telecommunications company closed the connections and demanded a reopening fee per phone number.

The telecommunications company had automated the reopening process, so when a subscriber paid the bill online, the connection was automatically reopened immediately. Nevertheless, the telecommunications company charged DKK 200 in reopening per Tel. no. The complainant believed when there was one family subscription, there could also only be one reopening fee of DKK 200, regardless of the number of tel. no. associated with the agreement.

Lawyer Lars Ole Jensen helped complainants to get the case in the Telecommunications Appeals Board, to be reimbursed for the extra reopening fees charged in May, August and September 2015.

The Telecommunications Appeals Board has just upheld complaints that the telecommunications company was ONLY entitled to charge one reopening fee. The decision is based on e.g. marketing, where the telecommunications company has described that it was possible to combine its subscriptions into one family subscription. Then, of course, the telecommunications company can also only charge one reopening fee. Complainants received approx. DKK 3,500 back and the appeal fee refunded.

Contact the law firm and buy a complaint template with guidance (for DKK 300), so you can take your case to the Telecommunications Appeals Board. The law firm can also help you with the case for a fee. The appeal fee to the Telecommunications Appeals Board is DKK 175 (2020), which you get back when you win the case.

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