Google Instead of Contacting a Specialist?

With google and Facebook we can do everything – or can we?

Too many people just google the important questions in life or ask in groups on Facebook and think it’s enough, because there were more who said the same thing. But were they trained specialists?

Google helps you believe that you can do it yourself and that you don’t need a professional to write your will or your nuptial / cohabitation agreement. We google and feel we can do it ourselves, but if you are not a professional, you will not be able to google pits, where you run an unnecessarily large risk – and where you could have saved a lot of money if you had used a professional from the beginning.

An example could be an unmarried couple who are going to buy a house / apartment. They google a bit, maybe even find one that is really cheap. But if the person in question is not a lawyer, are they then asked whether or not a co-ownership agreement should be made? Because it’s nice to have agreed on what will happen if the relationship ends. Or if the unmarried couple have children together, are they then asked if they have considered securing each other? Since it is only married couples where (if one dies) the abandoned has the right to sit in undivided abode. As unmarried and without a will, the children will inherit it all and the abandoned has been left with nothing.

Expert advice is important as you need to know what to google for.

Lawyers today are used more often for firefighting, but it is far cheaper to limit the risk before the fire occurs. So do not let Google fool you into thinking you can become a legal expert and know everything with a 5 minute search, because you can’t. You can only get an overview if you are lucky and use the right keywords. There is a reason why an expert is an expert.

5 minutes with Google, can never compete with 5 years at university.

Therefore, contact me today for a good offer on your case.

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