Wedding Fair in Forum January 19.-20. 2019

Join the wedding fair in Forum 19 – 20 January 2019 (11-17) and get information about what it really means to get married.

We have entered a collaboration with Denmark’s largest organizer of wedding fairs – (formerly The Big Day), as we believe it is important that new couples form an overview of the consequences of getting married.

You can find an overview of cities and dates here at wedding fairs in Denmark.

But it is also important to know how to secure each other if you are living in a relationship and have bought a home together or had a child while planning to get married.

You can therefore, among other things get information about the following at the fair:

Nuptial agreements (which create separate property in your marriage) can be important for the self-employed or if there is a big difference in each other’s wealth’s.

Cohabitation agreement / Co-ownership agreement (for unmarried couples) then you have agreed what happens if you suddenly no longer have to be together (very reminiscent of a nuptial agreement).

Wills (is it important when you get married?) It is for most people more important until you get married. Once married, it is a good idea to secure the spouse as best as possible, but also to help the children in the best possible way if one were to die before they have grown up.

Without a will, an inheritance will be paid out when the heir turns 18, which places great demands on the young person’s maturity. It can therefore be a great advantage to restraint the children’s inheritance until they are, for example, 24 years old (25 years is the maximum).

It may be combined with a child will, where you recommend at least one person, that one finds best suited to take care of the children, should both parents die in a traffic accident.

Also remember that undivided abode is only for spouses – not for cohabiting couples. Once you have been married, you have the right to live in the same place with your and your spouse’s joint children, but you do not have the right to live in the same place with the spouse’s children from previous relationships, it requires the consent of the heir in question.

Consent to live in undivided abode is necessary when you have children from previous relationships, as you as a spouse only have the right to live in unaltered residence with the joint children and not with the children of the first deceased spouse from previous relationships.

So, look past the fair and get a bit wiser on your situation.

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