Parking Fee Annulled in Supreme Court

FDM has conducted 2 cases for a couple of unlucky drivers who bought a parking ticket and thus paid for their parking, BUT they had entered their car’s license plate incorrectly. THEN the drivers paid indisputably for the parking lots, the parking guards just could not identify their cars in their online system and gave them a parking fee.

Then you would think that common sense would prevail when drivers complained and could document that they had paid for the parking spaces.

But NO, the fines were in force. The drivers wisely refused to pay and then it goes to court. The cases thus started in the bailiff court, where one was sentenced to pay and the other was acquitted of the claim.

The cases are appealed to the high courts. One belonged to the Western High Court and the other to the Eastern High Court. Both cases end in acquittals.

Then you would think that the municipalities had accepted the legal situation, that an excusable error does not matter when the drivers has demonstrably paid for their parking. But no, the case was to inconvene the Supreme Court, which upheld both cases and acquitted the driver. Great work by FDM.

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