… we go the extra mile

Legal advice and assistance are provided by an experienced lawyer and solicitor at competitive prices.

Here you’ll find that law is delivered in a clear and articulate matter, that everyone can understand.

We are your all-round lawyer with extensive experience within tax, advice on your sales in real estate in form of a review of all sales materials, completion of deeds, registration and reimbursement statements. Also advising and drafting nuptial agreements, wills, contracts, and as an advisor to entrepreneurs and founders of companies.

Help/support/mediate in the State Administration regarding disputes about residence and visitation.

Providing courses, lectures and small presentations

We offer a wide range of advice on a variety of legal issues. On our website, we will refer to our own (anonymized) cases as well as decisions and judgments that we believe have a general interest.

We also regularly write articles and guides, that are provided to help get an overview of a topic, so you can make the best and most optimal decisions.

Contact us for more information via phone or email. Contact info can be found at the bottom of the page.  

Let’s find the best way to help you.



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