Lawyer / barrister  Lars Ole Jensen, born in Viborg, Jutland, in business as legal counsellor since  23rd of April 1991, where Legal Counselling & Service was founded. In the beginning as a hobby. Lars Ole worked at The Danish Tax Authorities for 11 Years divided between Frederikshavn and Aalborg.

In 2018 Lars Ole was hired as associate / assistant attorney, was approved as a barrister/attorney himself by The Ministry of Justice and founded his own lawfirm by 1st of March 2020.

Lars Ole works within Legal Advices, Negotiations, Debt Collection, Court Cases among others within Tax Laws, Tennant Law, Association law, Buyer Advicing, Buy/Sale of Real Estate, Registration of Deeds, Prenuptial Agreements, Divorces, Estate Inventories, Wils, Founding Corporations and Reconstructions etc.

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