Certified real estate lawyer – is a title that you “buy” through a membership.

Being a certified real estate lawyer means that you have signed a membership with the association Danish Real Estate Lawyers (Danske Boligadvokater), after which you are automatically certified. There is no test or course or special training behind the certification as a real estate lawyer. Only a membership. Once you have signed up, you can call yourself a real estate lawyer and advertise with your membership.

However, some obligations follow:

  • Follow the ethical rules for the purchase and sale of real estate, drawn up by the Consumer Council and the Bar Association, (to which all lawyers are obliged),
  • Follow the association’s concepts for buyer / seller advice,
  • Live up to the association’s requirements for ongoing continuing education in housing law and
  • Receive audit visits from the association, which must check whether the concept and rules are complied with.

Lawyer Lars Ole Jensen is not a member of The Danish Real Estate Lawyers (Danske Boligadvokater).

However, as lawyers, we have an obligation to live up to  The Danish Bar Association’s Ethical Rules. We always strive to provide our clients with a good service – preferably better, faster and to a fearer price than other law firms.


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