The office in Copenhagen currently employs lawyer Lars Ole Jensen.

Lars Ole Jensen is from Jutland. Born and raised in Viborg, independent legal advisor since 1991 via the company Juridisk Rådgivning & Service. Educated cand.jur. at Aarhus University in 1994. From 1994-2006 employed in the Ministry of Taxation with service at the Customs and Tax Regions in Frederikshavn and Aalborg, where he as a specialist in the then “Law Administrations” conducted tax cases for the North Jutland municipalities at the National Tax Court. In addition, he responded to binding advance notices for submission to the Tax Assessment Council, instructed and taught colleagues, municipally employed tax employees, accountants, and lawyers when changes to the tax rules were made. Lars Ole also made a guide in the delimitation of employed employees versus self-employed people that has been used by tax employees for decades. During his employment with Customs and Tax, Lars Ole continued with his legal advice as a side job, where the tasks were primarily deeds, marriage contracts and wills. In 2006, Lars Ole was affiliated with an agricultural center on Funen, and he has since also been affiliated with an agricultural center in Southern Jutland as an external legal specialist. In January 2018, Lars Ole was employed as an associate lawyer and in February 2019 appointed as a lawyer.

Lars Ole Jensen provides tax advice, advice within family and inheritance law, tenancy law, real estate, contract law and company law, etc.


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