Overview of our prices.
With us you won’t have any restrictions. Although you may have already obtained your maximum of 3 offers from various tender portals for legal tasks, such as Ageras, JUF (owned by Ageras), Colego, 3advokattilbud or others. Unlike other firms, we don’t engage in limited competitive bidding rules. You are always welcome to get (an extra) offer from us.

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Nuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement
Meeting, legal advice, and individual adjustment (and possibly promissory note for loans between the parties) only 5.000.DKK, (the price is without registration fee to the state consisting of 1.750.DKK).

Will incl. consent to unaltered residence or inheritance waiver
Meeting, counseling, and individual adjustment with the possibility of a child will, separate ownership provision for heirs and possibly banding, only DKK 5.000, (price excludes notary fee at 300DKK, payes in court).

Deed and buyer advice:
Total buyer advice when buying a villa, apartment or summer house, incl. registration of deed, (tel./physical) meeting and reimbursement statement and review of case documents. Only 6.250. DKK for trade prices up to 3 mil. DKK.

At trade prices above DKK 3 million. the fee is added to DKK 1,000 per started mil. trading price.

Agricultural properties are more complicated and therefore not covered by the standard prices. These are settled according to time consumption or by separate agreement.

Call for offers on your trade. Prices are stated excl. registration fee and possibly other fees and charges.

Hourly rate: Starting point DKK 2.500 (DKK 2.000 + VAT). Amounts are paid in advance to the client account. In larger cases where the aconto amount no longer covers the legal work, additional aconto will be requested. When the case is closed, the excess on account is paid out.

In private court cases, fees are charged according to the time spent, alternatively fees that the court awards in case won or as calculated according to the courts’ indicative rates.

For profession, the fee is calculated based on the time consumption and with the possibility of a supplement for the liability associated with the case and the outcome of the case, cf. the Bar Association’s guidance and practice in the area.

Freelance: Call for appointment and price.

Courses, lectures and presentations: Call for an agreement and price.

In general

Unless stated otherwise, all prices are expressed incl. VAT, but excl. possible fees / charges.

Other conditions can be made which deviate from normal prices to give discounts to less affluent clients or larger groups.

(Prices are updated and valid from May 2022)


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