If you as a consumer (private person) have bought an item that turns out to be defective, it is important to complain to the seller when you discover it.

Depending on the nature of the object, different rules apply to the following:

  • how much time you have to advertise,
  • whether the transaction can be withdrawn (canceled),
  • whether you can have the item exchanged for a new one,
  • or you can only have the fault rectified (repair)
  • and how many times to endure repair (seller’s attempt at repair).

For private purchases (consumer purchases), there is a 2-year warranty period. This means you have a 6-month 100% guarantee, where the seller must prove that the damage was NOT present at the time of purchase, but that the damage is due to the buyer’s use of the item. After this, you have an 18-month warranty period, where it is the buyer who must prove that the damage was present at the time of purchase and not due to the buyer’s use of the item.

If the damage was present at the time of purchase, the consumer can ask for an exchange, repair or that the trade goes back, so that the item is returned, and you get your money back with a deduction of any deterioration of the product and with an addition if any improvements. For example, if a car is to be returned, but the buyer has driven several km. in the car and fitted new tires. In that situation, you take the purchase price, deduct FDM’s calculated rate of the cost per. driven km., is typically close to SKAT’s (Tax Authorities’) rate for tax-free travel allowance up to 20,000 km. and then adds the actual cost of purchasing, balancing, and fitting the new tires.

Although both parties agree that there was probably an error at the time of purchase, this does not mean that the buyer gets his money back. The seller always has the right to try to get the item repaired (remedy). Remedy must be done within a reasonable time (usually a few weeks), but if you borrow a replacement item in the meantime and the error is difficult to find, it can be accepted that it takes longer.  

As a starting point, the seller is also entitled to several attempts at remediation, depending on the type of item. If the seller believed that the error was corrected or a new error occurs, the seller also has the right to remedy the new error. After 3 errors (and repairs) you can demand the purchase canceled and get the money back or a reduction in price.

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