If you’re thinking of buying property, the law firm can help you. We’ll help you through the stages of the trade, whether it’s a holiday home, villa, apartment, farm or commercial property, complete real estate or project. We review the trade documents and advise you on any requirements for rectification of deficiencies or price reductions, whilst accommodating your best interest.

A meeting will always be offered to review the trade documents, both physical and over the phone if it’s not easy to meet physically.

In many trades, it is the real estate agent who takes care of the registration of the digital deed and the subsequent reimbursement statement. In those cases, we check if you have remembered all relevant information and approve the deed and reimbursement statement.

If the buyer is not a Danish citizen, permission may have to be applied to the Ministry of Justice.

All above mentioned service are provided for only DKK 6,000 incl. VAT (however, agriculture from DKK 10,000 incl. VAT, see prices). If the transfer to the spouse takes place in connection with the divorce, there is a 50% discount on the fee.

If you live together or have children from previous relationships, we recommend a co-ownership agreement and will. But why is it important to do so?

Because when you are not married, your children inherit and if you have no children, it is your parents who inherit, even if you have lived together for 10 years and are not married. This means that if you are unmarried and childless, the cohabitant partner does not inherit unless you have written a will and put your cohabitant in it. It is also not possible to sit in an unaltered residence, as it only applies to married couples.

And it is far from always that the longest living spouse can afford to take over the whole house / apartment alone. So, without a will, the bereaved in addition to the grief will be forced to move shortly after losing their partner.

It is therefore important that you consult a lawyer and have the risks connected to a purchase identified and examined. Regardless of your private circumstances, you should be guided about the meaning of buying property together and whether a will and prenuptial agreement or co-tenancy agreement, will be necessary for you.

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