Some of our cases will briefly be referred to below

The telecommunications company had wrongfully imposed a reminder fee on each individual telephone number even though there were many subscriptions gathered under a single family subscription.

The Telecommunications Appeals Board ruled in favor of the complaints, that when a telecommunications company has collected several subscriptions together, it is not possible to impose a reminder fee or reopening fee on each number in the event of non-payment. The telecommunications company sent only one invoice and could thus also impose only one reminder fee, just as it was stated in the conditions that the reopening fee was about the subscription and not the individual telephone number.

SKAT (tax) sent a claim for residual tax to an emigrant.

SKAT’s system calculated a residual tax, but when you entered the Danish income manually, the person should have had excess tax instead.

Alleged property misrepresentation of horse, was mistreated on the buyers’ part and thus the transaction could not be canceled.

The seller approached me when he had been contacted by the buyer, who wanted to cancel the deal and demand compensation for feed, housing, veterinarian etc. Buyer had apparently pressured the horse too hard, and the horse had protested. The horse had “gone backwards”, which in the equine world means steep and landed on its back / side, thereby injuring its back. However, such damages are not covered by hidden faults and defects when the damage (proven or with overwhelming probability) occurs after the purchase due to the buyer’s incorrect handling.

The result would be the same if a car buyer drove insanely in a car and after destroying the suspension, claimed that the car had had hidden faults and defects at the time of the purchase.

A client had a lawsuit pending in which the law firm missed the deadline for complaints. It was to the customer’s advantage, who subsequently got a better result than one might expect in a court of law.

When the deadline had passed, it was suddenly the law firm that had to prove what the outcome would have been if the case had been appealed to the High Court in time. A rather impossible task, since they had just promised the customer that they could get a good result by an appeal. I would also have assessed that the customer would’ve lost the case in the High Court and would have to pay approximately DKK 40.000 in compensation to the other party in addition to costs, instead the client received more than DKK 70.000 in compensation from the law firm, which at the same time came to cover the compensation measured in the city court.

A farmer had forgotten to pay for his property insurance and suffered damage in the event of a storm of more than DKK 800.000. The insurance company agreed to cover the damage.

The insurance company had given the farmer the opportunity to resume the insurance if there were any special reasons. A doctor could confirm that the farmer was severely affected by stress, giving a special reason and therefore the insurance covered.

SKAT (tax) demanded a landlord to be imposed a fine for not having taxed the profits on the rental property.

An authorized accountant had filled out the tax return and was aware of the incorrect statement of profits, the owner escaped a fine.

SKAT (tax) demanded a shareholder was fined for failing to file tax returns on shares.

These were shares for employees that were forced to be redeemed prematurely, but the rules were difficult to understand, and tax could not prove that the shareholder had read and understood the very comprehensive material (over 40 A4 pages) from a large auditing firm, where it wasn’t clear that tax has to be paid of the profits. The shareholder escaped a fine.

Agreement in the state administration was noticeably improved.

The mother approached us, as she felt that the needs of the child was uncared for, and only the needs of the father was considered. We first managed to reduce the visitation, then get it stopped for a period and when the child at the same time went from being very insecure and introvert to being happy, confident and outgoing, the contact was not resaumed.

Mediation between the parties during the meeting of the Agency of Family Law led to improvement in cooperation.

The father approached us when the collaboration had run off track and they were going to a meeting in the state administration. While the caseworker was writing the summary, I informed them about their rights and how reality of the case would be if the case would proceed to court. At the same time, an agreement was reached (without the Agency of Family Law) on the payment of child support as well as the amount of money the father owed, but for which there was no documentation. When the caseworker agreed with my view regarding practice in the field and the mother was accommodated regarding the father’s debt to her, there wasn’t any reason for the mother to feel deceived and therefore a foundation for a future collaboration had been laid.

Child with multiple mental diagnoses was recommended by psychiatric hospital to a special school, but the municipality wanted to save money.

The child also could not be provided with the recommended aids until I started the case. When we appealed the municipality’s decision on the school choice, the child could suddenly also come to the best school and have peace in his everyday life again with fixed routines and competent staff / teachers.

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