When starting a business, it is important to start right.

If you become an entrepreneur and you are married or in a registered relationship, you must share the value of your company, which is also your workplace, with your spouse / partner in the event of divorce.

Once your business has grown, you can turn it into e.g., an ApS, so you can distribute dividends (to a lower tax), it is however far better to start with a company (possibly IVS) and remember a nuptial agreement, so that your workplace is placed in separate ownership. If the company goes bankrupt, you will have only lost your deposit (unless you have taken out a loan and guaranteed personally). Conversely, if you are self-employed, you will instead go personally bankrupt and probably lose your joint ownership, unless your spouse can buy out your share.

Therefore, it is important that you isolate the company’s value and risk from your private finances.

Contact the law firm for the best solution for you.


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