Nuptial agreement

When buying real estate with a spouse, or establishing a self-employed business, one should consider a marriage contract. Preferably already when getting married if there is a big difference in the parties’ wealth. A marriage contract is a contract between two spouses, which shows the parties’ distribution of property in the event of a divorce. A marriage contract can be entered into any time during the marriage but is of course easiest to agree before the marriage. You can then change or revoke the marriage contract depending on how the spouses’ situation develops over time. Get more inspiration here.

Cohabitation agreement

If you are not married and have no plans to do so, then a cohabitation agreement is a must in the above situations, as only spouses can enter a nuptial agreement. Therefore, we help you with a cohabitation agreement instead, which e.g., account for the extra payment for owner-occupied purchases or the like, so that the sale price e.g., divided between the parties with the same percentage as the parties paid at the time of purchase. Get more inspiration here.

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